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iterate list of modified/created records for Daily Emailing


I have a SharePoint Team site where users come in during the day and create/edit records.  I would like to send out an Email digest at the end of the day that does the following:

1) For initiators; send a list of records that they edited/created

2) For the Manager; send a list of all records that were edited or created during the day.

I understand how to create the workflow and email content on a "per record basis" but not how to compile a digest of all edits.

Said another way, I do not know how to iterate through a list of SharePoint records and:

1) Compile a list of individual records edited by user X during the day and send that listing of of those individual records to user X

2) iterate through the records and send a the Manager a list of each record created/modified during the day.

I am assuming that this is a Site Wide workflow that will be developed and as such, can be scheduled to run once a day.

Are there any examples of how to iterate through records like this?  I did see some example involving the use of a Site Collection Variable but was confused.  Is the variable intended to have a number range or simply store all information in one long variable (and if the later, how to work this into my solution)

Thanks in advance.for any information that can help.

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Re: iterate list of modified/created records for Daily Emailing

wouldn't it be sharepoint OOTB alerting sufficient for you?

that, IMHO, satisfies what you need, only drawback is that every user would need to set it up on its own (I'm not sure whether admin can manage that on behalf of users)

I would see it problematic to achieve that with workflow

to identify all the edits made by all the users you would need to examine version history of all the items modified since today-1 and identify all the changes made and all the involved users.

nintex doesn't provide OOTB action for that, so you will have to use appropriate web service.

you will probably want to exclude changes made by workflows, admins, system accounts, maybe some scheduled maintenance, etc...

you say you want to cover whole site, so every single list/library within the site.

all in all, I would affraid  that would be performance killer or would run so long that it would be unusable

just my opinion

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Re: iterate list of modified/created records for Daily Emailing

Really surprised that there is no readily available information on this site to answer this question as I am sure there are many others that would have the same need.

I am updating my original post with the solution I worked out with the assistance of a collegiate reference article on Nintex workflows.

If you wish to iterate an entire list of records to perform a separate action on each individual list item;  the way to do it is through the use of Site Collection variable(s) and a For Each loop within a Site Collection workflow.  The Site Collection variable holds the value of the individual record while the For Each loop goes through each record being held in the Site Collection variable and performs the desired action(s) one record at a time until the end of the list is reached.

The Site Collection workflow can either be scheduled or called via a List workflow based on standard Nintex functionality.

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Re: iterate list of modified/created records for Daily Emailing

Joseph Chiavarini​, you only described possible solution for your 2nd question.

on how to get set of list items into collection variable, how to iterate through the collection variable resp. how to perform an action on a collection element, there are plenty of topics on the forum.  on Nintex Xchange™​ there are possibly ready-to-use examples.

if that was your only problem, you might have question specifically for that (or spent a bit more time search in the forum)

unfortunately, you haven't spent a word how did you get along the problem of

Compile a list of individual records edited by user X during the day

which I understood to be crucial from your question and that might need to consider deeper details that you might have originally been aware of.

I would be really curious how did you resolve that .

especially in the case(s) if change made by user X is not the latest one in the day.

if you just iterate throughout the whole list and capture just last change on single items, then it's something different from what you asked.

BTW, there is no "Site collection variable". there is just "Collection variable", which can be used in list workflows or document library workflows just like  in site workflows or site collection workflows. Do not mix 'Site collection' and 'Collection variable' yourself.

have a look into nintex documentation.

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