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install config database name change

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Is there any way to change the name of the Nintex Configuration Database during an install of Nintex Workflow 2010?

We have a scenario where we are mirroring Databases from Prod to Coop environment. I would like to install Nintex in the Coop envrionment, but am running into an issue where Nintex is picking up the mirrored databases from Prod and is trying to use them. I assume its because the database it sees is named the same.

Appreciate any information.

Installing Nintex Workflow 2010 version

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Re: install config database name change

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Hi Joseph,

The Nintex configuration database is stored as a farm property (in the SP_Config DB to be exact). If you are mirroring all of the SP databases over to Co-OP site, you will want to add a failover partner to the config database so the connection string will reflect which server has the active copy.

If you have a completely separate farm in CO-OP site, I would suggest either creating a separate Nintex configuration DB (if you are only mirroring the SP content databases and will bring them online in a different farm), or when you have the need to failover; manually update the farm property (IE connection string) at the time you switch over.

For more information on modifying the config database connection, please see our DR document here: Disaster Recovery Planning Guide: Nintex Workflow  (Page 5, step 2).

If you are simply looking for a way to create a new Nintex Config DB with a different name, follow the standard install instructions for Nintex Workflow and when you reach the step to create the first DB, simply give it another name. By doing this, the farm will always connect to the DB created with the different name and will be separate from the other farm. To add the other mirrored databases to the CO-OP farm, you will need to failover all of the databases to the SQL server in your CO-OP site and setup the mappings in Central Admin > Nintex Workflow Management > Database Setup.

Please let me know if this helps.


Chad Austin

Nintex Support

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