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& disapears from Build a Sting


I have created a Nintex workflow that updates a URL field in a Issue item with to values, . I have used a column type of Hyperlink or Picture and  Format URL as:  Hyperlink . The link works fine but the trouble is that it does not open in a new tab

So I decided to create  a Multiple lines of text  column with Enhanced rich text (Rich text with pictures, tables, and hyperlinks) so I could use html to specify the URL to open in a new Tab,

I have then tried to build a build Sting and then store it in a variable but no luck:

My build string looks like:

<a href="http://website:8888/?&param=Value1;{ItemProperty:Name_x0020_Initials}&param=Value2;{ItemProperty:Nam...}" target="_blank"> {ItemProperty:Title} </a>

and store it in strNameDetails which is a Multiple lines of text variable.

I then us the set variable action to sent my the value of my Multiple lines of text  column 

I would like to for the URL to look like:


But it turns out like:


Then & is changed to %c2 and the ; to %b6m The URL does not then send the correct values to the website.

How do I ensure that the & are in the href?

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