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Nintex Newbie

creating workflow for inventory related operation


- Wanted to use Nintex to automate operations



1. List of models (model)

2. List of inventory record (Device ID, Status, model - radio box based on list 1, owner)

3. List of transaction record (Requester, Date, Model - pick up list based list 1, Device ID - filter Status as 'available' only - First available record, automatically assigned & retrieved)


Help needed:

1. I can import / input record for list 1

2. How can I make list look up model (list 1) to inventory (list 2) so that they are in relationship?

3. How can i make list look up model (list 1) to transaction record (list 3) so that they are in relationship & also query first available device ID with filters from list 2 to list 3?


Thanks for help in advance.

Open to change if there is any more approperiate ways to implement with same goal.


Current problem:

1. Manual work on assignment of device

2. not accurate transaction record as just the request record and assignment record are separated list, which requires manual inputs separately

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Automation Master
Automation Master

Re: creating workflow for inventory related operation

to update Model lookup field in both inventory and transactions lists you could use directly update item action and its simple lookup option. it may look eg. like 



butu you may as well first use Query list action to identify the item ID of a model you want to make update with, store it in a workflow variable and then make inventory/transaction list update with that variable.




to find out first avaialble device you will have to use Query list action.

similarly to looking for model, you'll have to set up a filter that identifies all available devices.

next you might want to configure a sort option so that an item that you mean is first available is returned as first record in result set.

finally configure item limit to 1, so that you get just single device ID.

store the value to a varible and update transactions list with the varibel.



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