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Nintex Newbie

XPath concat in Query XML Action


Im trying to concat two attributes but unfortunately i receive always this error message

The execution returned an unexpected error.

Expression must evaluate to a node-set


<Version />



<Name type="System.String">Gullo</Name>

<Nationalitaet type="System.String">Italy</Nationalitaet>

<Vorname type="System.String">Domenico</Vorname>

<Typ type="System.String">Ehemann</Typ>

<Geburtsdatum type="System.DateTime"></Geburtsdatum>

<Groesse type="System.String"></Groesse>

<Heimatort type="System.String">Italy</Heimatort>




My XPath is

concat(/RepeaterData/Items/Item/Vorname, ' ', /RepeaterData/Items/Item/Name)

If i run only /RepeaterData/Items/Item/Vorname it will give me back the FirstName, but the concat doesn't work.

Can somebody tell me whats wrong here?

thanks and regards


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Nintex Newbie

Re: XPath concat in Query XML Action


I can confirm that concatenate is not supported within the 'Query XML Action'.

I would recommend outputting the values you wish to concatenate into variables. You can then combine them via the 'Build String' action.


Tom Clark

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Automation Master
Automation Master

Re: XPath concat in Query XML Action

Thomas Clark‌ can you as well confirm that other XPath functions like count, sum, avg, etc... are also unsupported? I'm trying to use "count" function and in log I can find an error: "XPath query is invalid. Expression must evaluate to a node-set..".

I'm trying to execute "Query XML" action in Nintex for O365 .

Regards, Tomasz

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