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Workflows stuck in "In Progress" status

Hi guys,

I have a very simple workflow which only contains a single step, a single "request approval" step.

We have it hooked up successfully to the lazy approval feature and that's working great.

I.e. we reply to an email notification with "Approved" or "Rejected" keywords and the workflow reads the incoming email and updates the condition's approved status accordingly.

That all works really nicely, but after it updates to "Approved" the workflow should finish as there are no more steps.

But the workflow stays stuck in "In Progress" status and has a long idle time./

What am I doing wrong???

Do I have to manually update the Success/Completed status myself?

If so, how can I do that? I can't find anything available in the Workflow Actions list to achieve this...


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Re: Workflows stuck in "In Progress" status

Ok my bad!!! I had 2 approvers and I had the option "All must approve" selected.

So even after I was approving it, it was awaiting approval from the second approver!

Changed it to "Only one approval is required" and we're all good, working as expected now!


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