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WorkflowStatus Column create with PowerShell

If a workflow is published the workflow status column is not created. Only on the first run the workflow status column gets created. The Status column which contains InProgress, Completed... 

I am looking for a way to create the Status column of a Workflow using PowerShell, without starting the workflow. 

If the column gets created using PnP - on the first run a new Status Column is created by Nintex(SharePoint). 

Is there a way to create the status column when the Workflow gets published? 


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Automation Master
Automation Master

Re: WorkflowStatus Column create with PowerShell

I dont think this can be achieved easily. The creation of the workflow status column is something that nintex does internally. Maybe decompiling internal nintex files and try to do the same they did would be an approach but that is not supported and I think even illegal.


Can you please explain what the reason for this requirement is? To be honest i don't see any benefit from creating this column on workflow publish as it will always be empty until the workflow has run.


Maybe we can find a some kind of workaround.

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