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Nintex Newbie

Workflow with Multiple Choice field with similar choices

I have a Workflow in SharePoint 2013 that uses a Multiple Choice field, "Service Center". Users may choose one or more Service Centers for an Item. Essentially, if the Service Center "ANTC" is selected, then the group "ANTC" is assigned edit permissions for that item.

The problem is, in my Run If node, I can either use "equals" or "contains". If there were only ONE selection, I could use "equals". But since there can be multiple selections, I have to use "contains". Now, two of my choices are similar, "CSC" and "KCSC". If a user chooses "KCSC", then two things happen:


  • The Run If for "Contains KCSC" returns true.
  • The Run If for "Contains CSC" ALSO returns true.


What kind of logic can I apply that checks for KCSC, but does NOT include CSC?


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Nintex Employee
Nintex Employee

Re: Workflow with Multiple Choice field with similar choices



I would tackle this in the following manner.

Use a Regular Expression with a Split Operation. This will put the choices into a collection variable.

Use a For Each action to go through the Collection.

In the For Each have your Run If actions that does the check. As you are checking each choice individually you can use Equals in the Run If.

I have attached a sample workflow.

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