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Nintex Newbie

Workflow stuck after approval task action in Nintex Workflow

Hi All.

I have an issue with Nintex WF that is sporadically happening. In most cases the workflow finishes just fine but for some reason (seen this on 6 or 7 separate occasions) some of the workflow just hang after the approval step. I read some mentions regarding timer service and all but I'm wondering if it could be an issue with how my workflow is structured? Here's a screen shot of the workflow history:

screen shot of worfklow history

As you can see, the workflow gets stuck after the approval task is completed. In this case, the approval task was approved and workflow does not show any errors in the logs. Nor does it cancel or end the workflow.

Here is a screen shot of the approval task settings:

In this case, there is only one recipient in the Required Reviewers field. But as I mentioned earlier, the workflow usually completes fine with one recipient in the field.

Anyway, Any help with this is appreciated.



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