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Nintex Newbie

Workflow sheduling


just simple question, maybe someone from this great community have answer to my question:

Workflow schedule set run on 2017.03.31. Set that workflow repeat in every month once.

If it run in next, 04, month, which is only have 30 days?

Maybe someone already had to face with this problem and solved it. 

Best regards,


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Nintex Newbie

Re: Workflow sheduling

Hi Mantas,

      Good Question. I have used few workflows with scheduling. But have not tried with your scenario. In my case all the workflows will trigger on 5 th of every month. I guess the workflow instance will not wait for the exact date, instead it will calculate 30 days for 1 month and it might run on 1 of May . 

I have implemented this in my dev. Let me check and let you know.


Bashya Rajan A

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