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Workflow maintenance request

I followed a tutorial for creating a leave request workflow on SharePoint using Nintex but wanted to use it for tracking a maintenance request platform, has anyone tried to build a workflow that can be used as a maintenance tracking request system.

Basically I did this on the Nintex Workflow 2010 designer with the following workflow.


Update Item to Pending

Send Notification to Maintenance Manager

Assign Flexi Task Maintenance Manager - Update item branch Approve or Update item branch Reject

Send Notification Reject or Send Notification Approve

The workflow works fine but there is some questions been raised from my team and I was wondering if anyone could give tips or examples on how to implement the following additions.

1 - Currently the notifier sends to maintenance manager only, is there a way I can put in to go to maintenance or electrical manager.

2 - Instead of the maintenance or electrical manager marking as completed, can I add in an acceptance of the task which would show an in progress status

3 - I would like to send out reminders to the accepted manager and cc initiator and operations supervisor

Finally I know that there is newer versions of the nintex workflow and our company is using the latest office365 but it is not so easy to get administrative rights to create sites and workflows now.  So I am limited to SharePoint 2010 and Nintex workflow 2010 platform, and from previous workflows I have set up the main issue we get is approval of documents only showing for 6 months, is there anyway I can work around this by either putting into the workflow a raised folder, pending folder and approved folder?

Any tips would be appreciated.


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Nintex Newbie

Re: Workflow maintenance request

Update I have now switched to Office 365 Nintex but the items have different settings and pop up windows now and its just confused me.

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