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Workflow history missing after upgrade

I am upgrading SharePoint 2010 environment to SharePoint 2013 and having an issue being able to see the
workflow history.

We have followed the instructions in the document “Nintex Workflow 2010 – 2013 Upgrade Instructions”. We did not skip a step nor did we do anything out
of order. As well had an additional Engineer monitor the upgrade via shared screen to verify the steps were done correctly.

Everything appears to work fine after the upgrade, except the Workflow History when we access it via a list item the workflow was run on or through clicking the cog in the upper right and accessing the history from there. I can see the data in the hidden list of the SharePoint Workflow history.

I have read and understand Demystifying Workflow History (Part 1 and 2) in an attempt to help troubleshoot.

I have looked at dbo.WorkflowProgress and I see the items in the table as well have compared the database in the old 2010 environment to the 2013 environment and they appear to have the same data.

  1. Dbo.WorkflowLog is empty as would be expected since we aren’t using verbose logging.

We ran _PrepareForNewEnvironment stored procedure successfully.

Success when running NWAdmin.exe –o DetachDatabase -SERVERNAME dbServer -databaseName NintexContent –integrated (ran as farm account)

We verified the deployment to the webapplication, made sure they were activated, Databases mapped correctly. Databases are on version The site collections using Nintex are active. We even deactivated them and reactivated them to no avail.

I am not seeing any errors in the event log, I have looked through the ULS logs as well. I am looking for suggestions on what to look for specifically in the ULS logs.

What might we be missing? What things can we try?