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Although I've been working with Nintex Forms and Workflow for several months now I still consider myself a newbie.  As such, there are undoubtedly subtleties associated with using these tools together that I am totally unaware of, and I'm trying to learn about these now.  As an example, my usual practice has been to develop a form then associate a workflow with it.  But I notice that you can also build forms from within the Workflow product.  Are these equivalent approaches? Is there an advantage to doing this?




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Re: Workflow forms

Great Question!

Designing Nintex Workflows and Forms is different from designing forms using InfoPath. Nintex recommends keeping the list forms as simple as possible, and designing a form per task promoting separation of Process logic from Presentation. Forms are part of the workflow minimizing the effort required to keep the list form in sync with the workflow steps ( Separation of concerns ) . The List forms can be just simple forms independent from the workflow process.

I would recommend forms per task , below are the pros and cons


  • Separate form per task, gives ability to update the list item and also finish the task
  • Allows to display on the fields required
  • Separate validation per task form
  • easy to maintain with the changes to Workflow when compared to having list form with multiple views
  • Security : only assigned people/group can view/finish the task


  • No Ability to view or upload attachments to the related list item
  • Site columns addition, need to update each task form

I will add more, but these are on top of my head, hope this helps

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Workflow Hero

Re: Workflow forms

Thank you, Vamsi, that makes a great deal of sense. I will definitely try to use this approach in the future.

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