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Workflow for Email Notification on due date and past due date

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Hi Everyone,

I am a newbie in nintex workflows and trying to create a workflow for the below requirement:

1. Email Notification on due date (Due Date column is there in list)

2. Email Notification on due date +10 days


I have seen few posts with similar requirements, but the solution outlined at high level. Requesting a solution step by step if possible :)

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Automation Master
Automation Master

Re: Workflow for Email Notification on due date and past due date

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@Swamy4mind ....There are couple approaches:


Approach 1:

  • Create another calculate column in your list called DueDate+10 and use formula [Due Date Column Name]+10
  • Create a site workflow which will be schedule to run daily
  • If you don't want to create calculated column then add Date Calculate action and use the date when this action is executed and put -10 in Days and store it in dt_DueDatePlus10 workflow variable
  • Using query list action, get ID collections from your list and filter it with Due Date = Today or DueDate+10 = Today (if not creating column then it will be filter using Due Date = dt_DueDatePlus10) 
  • Using for loop action and ID collection, for each action send email notification


Approach 2 - It might be high level approach for you.....

  • You can do schedule workflow on item and if previous due date is not same as new due date then you can cancel previous schedule and re-create as per new due date. 
  • This will involve web service action

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