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Nintex Newbie

Workflow Time Job Stuck at 0%

I recently started experiencing problems with Workflows that get stuck at PAUSE action. Upon investigation I noticed that the Workflow Timer Job was getting hung at 0%. I followed this article to try and resolve the issue Tracking and Resolving Stuck Workflow Timer Jobs

From the ULS logs I identified the WF instance ID but when I queried the Nintex Content DB the query did not bring any result. 

I then went the the list where the workflow was running and directly searched for the workflow instance. I terminated the workflow and also deleted the item that the WF was running on. After this I deleted the configuration cache of the server that is running the stuck timer job. Unfortunately none of this resolved my issue. See below the snippet of the ULS

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Nintex Newbie

Re: Workflow Time Job Stuck at 0%

I have the same issue but it is in SharePoint Designer workflow. Sometime, the Pause action stuck and does not continue after that. I need to terminate the workflow and re-initiate it. Is there anyone facing this kind of situation? How to find the issue or have a solution to solve this issue.

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