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Workflow Struggles: Assigning Task Referencing Multiple Lists

I am working on an Estimate Intake Form for our company. When someone has a request for new work and needs estimates, they will submit the form and tasks are assigned to the necessary parties to complete the estimate.


I have multiple SharePoint lists (think of them as tables) that help with ease of maintenance for less experienced site owners  (they can add/remove rows in a list rather than modifying columns in the list settings). Here are the lists and relevant fields for this question:


People List:

  • Name (Person Field)
  • Department (Lookup Field pointing to Title of Department in Department List)
  • Active? (Yes/No Field)


Department List:

  • Title of Department (Single Line Text)


Estimate Intake List (Main List for Form):

  • Impacted Department (Choice, multiple values allowed)


Summary of what I'm going for:

If a person in the People List has a Department that matches what was selected in the form under "Impacted Department", add them to the Assign Task.


In detail, what I'd like the workflow to do:

  1. Get the values selected for Impacted Departments field in the form.
  2. From the People List, get the Name and Department for only those who are marked as Active = Yes:
  3. Iterate through the people collected in Step 2 and if their Department matches the values collected in Step 1's Impacted Department, add them to an "Estimator" variable to be used for Assign Task.


I'm really struggling to figure out how to make this happen. I've tried For Each loops with collection variables, but I don't know how to loop through a complex collection (step 2 above) and read the values for Department. In all honesty, I'm completely lost so any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks in advance for the help!

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