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Workflow Report Viewer WebPart

I am using the Workflow Report viewer webpart  for one of my sites and it is set to report on errored workflow (all sites). The default columns that appear after configuration are workflow name, initiator, start time and last action. These columns are useful however does anyone know if there is a way to add additional columns in the webpart or a webpart that provides me with the ability on reporting on other columns?


Thank you!!



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Workflow Hero

Re: Workflow Report Viewer WebPart

Hello -

It looks like you can add additional columns to this report, but you will have to add what you are looking for to the XML definition in Central Admin.

This can be found in CA > Nintex Workflow Management > Manage Reports. I have not changed any reports as of yet, but this seems to be straightforward enough.

I am going to keep looking into this because I envision our organization requesting additional fields or entire reports specific to their areas.

Let me know what you discover!

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Workflow Hero

Re: Workflow Report Viewer WebPart

How did you get on with this? Have you seen ‌?

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