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Workflow Document Attachements

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This is a question regarding uploading attachments during a manager approval task (Request Data). If I'm understanding correctly, the only way to upload a workflow attachment to SharePoint is by using the custom action found in this link:


Is it possible to use a Nintex workflow in SharePoint to copy/move an attachment from an item in lis...


It seems when the approval manger attaches a document during their approval task, that document is only saved as a URL in a workflow variable of your choosing. That URL then needs to be extracted using the custom action and dropped into SharePoint. Am I on the correct path here? I'm very new to Nintex so my understanding may be limited. Any assistance is much appreciated!

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Nintex Employee
Nintex Employee

Re: Workflow Document Attachements

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Hi Alex,

You could build a simple workflow on your Workflow Tasks lists.

All it would do is use the Copy to SharePoint action.

Because tasks are items, when you use the Copy to SharePoint action, it'll copy all the attachments off of the current item, to the destination document library.

Just get your main workflow to use a Call Web Service action to call the Nintex Workflow webservice, specifically, the StartWorkflowOnListItem web method.  This will start your Workflow Tasks workflow and it will copy your attachments to a document library.



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