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Work flow Status is getting "Completed" always rather than "canceled" or "Inprogress"

Hello Guys

I had a issue in Workflow status while developing

Always comes    " Completed "  if condition satisfies  yes or no

1.item added in pages

2. Item Default is satisfy No (WF Status Starting)

3. Item edited and set Yes and saves (WF Satus Expected : In Progress) Displays :Completed (Which is not Expected)

4. Item set condition  No also Satus is Completed (Which is Expected )

Need your valuable sugg on this issue

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Nintex Newbie

Re: Work flow Status is getting "Completed" always rather than "canceled" or "Inprogress"

I'm not sure I follow. 

Are you saying the workflow always shows as completed after the first condition, and is never hitting the FlexiTask?

Have you tried viewing the Workflow History to see what is happening?

If I'm understanding your question correctly, it sounds like the condition is always evaluating as No.  If you provide the condition maybe we can help to give you a push in the right direction.

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Re: Work flow Status is getting "Completed" always rather than "canceled" or "Inprogress"

Hi jr204  Appreciated for your prompt support

below are the steps

Objective : When Page added in Pages lib .User will edited that page and key in "Selected boolean value

the Condition as below

1         if "no" status column should show as "Completed" or Terminating WF

2.       if "Yes" it should go to Flexi task status column as " In Progress" in the WF

            (As of now it is going to flexi task but still shows "Completed" rather than "In Progress" )

Now Both conditions Nintex auto generated Column showing "Completed"

We have see then the workflow History page to see happenings

  Workflow is hiting Flexi  task is shows "Completed" status rather than "In progress"

If any suggestions please let us know to move on in right direction .