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Windows Redirect on List Item Delete


I was wondering if it is possible to redirect a user when they have the Nintex "Edit" form open for an item, when they delete that Item I want to send them to a specific page?


I have a modal window that opens on a page (, inside that modal window is a list that has a Nintex form. When an Item is added to the list using the form, a modal window containing the form opens over-top of the original modal window. When the form is saved and closed, the modal window shows the new item in the list. (This is all great)

When in the First modal window and editing an item, the Nintex form modal window opens, when I click delete, the item deletes but it redirects me the page of the list ( Instead I would rather it act like adding a new Item to the list (Close the window and show the item deleted) If this isn't possible I would like to specify where the user gets redirected when the delete the item, the original page: (


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