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Nintex Newbie

White Space & Panels


I have a long form broken down into panels and each panel is either hidden or unhidden depending on the choice selection, now it works fine in preview but when I publish it, the panels are either right at the bottom or so there is large white spaces between the choice menu and panel. I have gone through every panel and made sure there is nothing out of place. Some of the panels have repeating sections so would expand - would that have any effect, should I allow more space on the form to allow for this?

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Nintex Employee
Nintex Employee

Re: White Space & Panels


It sounds like you are using a classic form. If you use a responsive form you should not run into these issues.

These are the rules I use when designing such a form in classic.
1. Group controls that you want to hide into a panel.
2. Apply the hide rule to the panel only.
3. Do not overlap panels.
4. Apply 1 rule per panel and not 1 rule for multiple panels.
5. Order the rules in the same order as the panels from the top down as the form renders in this manner. If you have a rule at the bottom of your rules list that unhides a panel at the top of your form you may see overlap.