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Nintex Newbie

Which List is Optimal for Modeling Recurring Deliverables

Using SharePoint 2010, ISO recommendations for modeling reminders (and getting status) of recurring program deliverables.

Deliverables occur on weekly, monthly and quarterly time periods. On a monthly basis, we publish about 50 documents and reports.  Invariable, 10% of deliverables are periodically late. I presume that a scheduled site workflow is necessary, but what kind of list is optimal?

Option 1:  Initially thought to leverage SharePoint calendar events. Recurring calendar events are easily created, but I would need to look to see if an event exists.  I would also need to augment event items to look more like tasks.

Option 2: leverage To-Do or Flexi Tasks based on list of deliverables.  Unfortunately I’d lose my recurring event functionality and would have to create duplicate deliverable items for each due date.  The availability of features for tasks, however, seemed to be much richer than event processing.

Option 3: Augment Deliverables List to capture recurrence information (seems complex), and develop programmatic way to determine when to fire off a reminder.

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