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Whether Nintex Auto Clean up of workflow tasks will delete when workflow is in progress

Hi Team,
I need a clarification in Nintex workflow O365 Reminder part, If the workflow is in running state for around 9 months, will the workflow task related to the item gets deleted?

I have a workflow with reminder in my Nintex Wokflow.
For, every 30, 60, 90 days , i need to send a reminder email.
So i have configured reminder in "Start a task process" action.
Will that workflow task gets deleted after 90 days? because it is deleted after 60 days when the workflow is cancelled/completed. so when the workflow is in progress, after 60 days, will that task get deleted? please reply.

And one more thing, i din't find separate reminder action in Nintex O365. please assist.

Thanks in advance.


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