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When will Hawkeye be useful to us?

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What sort of volume of workflows would you say this sort of level of analysis become useful.

Currently my client is just beginning to dip their toes into the workflow arena, would you say that Hawkeye becomes useful once you have decentralized development of workflows around the organisation only, or is it beneficial to centralized development once you get to a larger number of workflows. Or can it even be useful straight off the bat?

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Re: When will Hawkeye be useful to us?

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Great question.. There are a couple of different things to factor. Whilst Nintex Hawkeye does give that holistic view of what is happening within the farm, thus it may not seem to make much sense to have it there from the beginning. The other thing to consider is the Process Intelligence Lens which allows you to dive into the data of a single workflow or group of workflows. I blogged about it this morning. Getting Started with a Nintex Hawkeye Process Intelligence Lens​ . If you have a workflow that has any kind of Auditing / Governance or process information you need to surface graphically, it isn't going to matter how many workflows you are running on the farm because these reports are just about 'A' process.

Of course, you could argue that having the usage reporting in from the very beginning is also incredibly handy especially if they are a customer. In 6 months time you can pay them a visit and have meaningful conversations around the adoption post solution go live. Who and how many people are getting involved, and is the usage growing or flat. OOTB you also have the ROI views which shows the business the ROI based on live data from the system. This can lead to discussions around more workflow development, user training, or just celebrations