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What is the cause of items created on Nintex Live forms duplicating?

Our on-premise SharePoint environment is using Nintex Live Forms for a couple of the lists. I have been informed that there are duplicate items. I've confirmed with the user that they have accessed the Nintex Live form and clicked submit once.

With further investigations I have found that there are more instances of duplicated items, but it appears to happen randomly. Also the time between the originally submitted item and the duplicate is different. E.g. One instance shows the duplicate was created 10 minutes later, another instance shows that it is created 6 minutes later.

I assume it is something to do with Nintex Live as I have another list which uses Nintex Forms but is not enabled for live and it does not have this issue. Also checked for workflows creating items, but only see workflows sending out emails.

Has anyone else run into this same scenario? I am going to log a ticket about this issue, just thought I would reach out to the community to see if there are any steps I can follow.

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Re: What is the cause of items created on Nintex Live forms duplicating?

Hi Samantha Yeung‌, that sounds like a very random behaviour. Best thing to do is to open a support ticket for this one.

Hope it gets resolved soon.

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