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Nintex Newbie

What happens when you click [Update Database Version] in CA?


I'm new nintex and trying to determine what happens when the like "[Update Database Version]" is clicked in the Database section of CA. I can find it's a process in upgrading nintex, but I don't know what happens. Our current prod env has this link, but our test env does not.


Does clicking that link cause any type of downtime for nintex? Or require any type of resets? Does it do some type of schema update? Our test env is 4.0.6 and our prod env is 4.0.5. So I suspect the previous Sharepoint admin got as far as upgrading but not doing the clickity-click.


I appreciate any assitance you can give me.





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Nintex Newbie

Re: What happens when you click [Update Database Version] in CA?

It will update the Workflow Database Schema, and no, it does not cause any down time.


It may be required before applying a new license file.

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