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What does "Unresolved entries" error mean?

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I have a people picker field that validates the users as an employee when I enter his name(as in it puts a box around the name), but the form will not accept it. The form returns "Unresolved Entries". I have no idea why this means. The form is not accepting around 5 people(that I know of). The People picker is in a repeating section. The form worked for other entries.

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Automation Master
Automation Master

Re: What does "Unresolved entries" error mean?

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it means that nintex/sharepoint was not able to recognize uniquely an user account from the input you supplied.

reasons might be various like no user exists that matches the input, user is not a member of a group that restricts people picker control/list field, you hit submit sooner the it managed to resolve the user, etc...

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