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Weekly Community News - February 22nd

Weekly Community News - February 22nd!

It's here! InspireX!

IMG_7034.jpgNintex's first-ever conference - InspireX -  is under way in Las Vegas as I write!

I'll post some blogs throughout the week, but if you are HERE at the conference, you'll want to check out the best way to track your sessions, provide feedback and get announcements - right from your mobile device!

It's in How To Stay In Touch at InspireX​!

Hangout at InspireX!

hangout.PNGBe sure to keep tabs on Eric Harris​'s hangouts this week, too! He'll hold hangouts throughout the conference. Find out more at the Nintex Hangout​ space.

Follow #Nintex and #InspireX on Twitter, too!  We'll be live-tweeting many of the sessions.

Finally, stop by the Nintex Blog, where Tammy Batey​ is posting about some of the sessions being held here.

After the conference, we'll post recordings of the  sessions. I'll post a link when they are available, sometime after the conference.

Been to the Training Space?

Have you been to the Training​ space yet?

You'll find short videos, tutorials and tips in that space.  "Nancy and Sally" are posting something new about every other day.  The fourth installment of their talk-show formatted tips is up!  See Nancy & Sally Ep 4: Send an Email Action​ now.

And don't forget to take part in their poll. They want to know: Tell them what tips to do next!

Connect: More Connected

We've made it a bit easier to see what's going on in Nintex Connect. You don't have to log in any longer to read content!  Most spaces, but not all, are now visible whether you're logged in or not. It's one way to remove barriers to information.  If you want to post a question or comment, you will still need to log in as we don't want anonymous posts. But we hope this helps a few people find out what great information you're sharing here.

February Mission Reminder!

Don't forget you have about one week left to earn several hundred points in theFebruary Mission - Talkin' 'bout Doc G-G-G-Generation...​!

There are FIVE WAYS to earn points this month!

Product News


A reminder that last week, we put  out our February release, featuring an update to Nintex Mobile and Nintex Mobile Enterprise!

You can now capture a signature in Nintex Mobile. And we've added Deep Linking support to Nintex Mobile Enterprise Apps.  You won't want to miss Dan Stoll​'s blog post linked in the announcement!

Find out more in our product release announcement: What's New From Nintex!  February 2016 Release

Unanswered Questions

If you are looking for an opportunity to help someone, head on over to the Unanswered Questions​ space!  You'll find a list of questions that haven't had answers yet. Some are very close to being solved. Maybe you have the key to unlock the solution!

Something Broken? Let me know!

Last, I wanted you to know that following an update of our community's platform software on the 12th, there have been a lot of wonky things going on. For example, some permissions got changed, some people were frozen out of blogging, and a few posts have suddenly gone missing.  Remember to use the search tool to look for specific things you seek. And if you are blocked by something strange, or you get an error message, don't hesitate to let me know. I share every weird thing with our platform providers and they get crackin'! I want you to enjoy the community, and I'm trying to remove barriers to that.

Have a great week, everyone!


Your community manager

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