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Web request to get list GUID


I am trying to get a list GUID using the Call Web Service using the name of the list.

has anyone successfully done this?

This is so I can query multiple lists using a variable in a CAML query.

Basically I am querying all lists on a site that contain items matching a certain metadata criteria and then export to a CSV file.

If i manually enter the list name as below it works, but then I would need to manually add a branch for every list, there are over 30.

So I have a list containing the names of the lists, i would loop though this list, querying the "_vti_bin/Lists.asmx" using the list name, returning the xml and giving the GUID of the list so then I can query it.

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Nintex Newbie

Re: Web request to get list GUID

I'd add a new column, to your list of lists and , named listGUID and set the current value.

Take a look at the Aaron Labiosa​ 's post >>> Obtaining a list id in SharePoint 2010 or 2013

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Re: Web request to get list GUID


I thought about this, but this would mean a manual operation of going though all 30 lists to get the GUIDs and adding to the list, and updating the list when new lists are created.

Also to complicate matters, no management shell access - I would have powershelled it to death

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