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Web Request Control

Hi All,

I'm dipping into using the WebRequest Control for the first time, just testing it against Googles map API.

Not having much luck and can't find much information on troubleshooting.

JUst trying to access this service,+SW1A+2AA&sensor=false 

And getting the error

Unable to connect to the remote server

Any help greatly appreciated.


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Workflow Hero

Re: Web Request Control


After dragging the 'web request' control from canvas, this is how I configured using your API.

Name : Name Of Control

Text Connected to : WebTest (SharePoint list column to save selected value in the drop-down)

Display format : You can choose from the list, based on your requirement.

Authentication type : Anonymous ( as the API is public )

Xpath for value and display : These are the nodes in your response.

For more info refer this.

Xpath for Value : DD Value, Xpath for display : DD text ( how they bind to drop-down in debugger mode ), 

Output :

Hope this helps.


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