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I am fairly new to Nintex.

Can someone explain me how variables work and when to use them. Examples would be appreciated.


Thank you,


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Re: Variables

Variables can be used to make some calculations on different actions.

Perhaps this post using some variables is useful for you >>> Extract string left of @ character

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Re: Variables

Hey Ben,


Here is a description of workflow variables from the product help guide (Nintex Workflow 2013)


Workflows retrieve data from a data source at run time, workflow variables provides the ability to store data somewhere in order to use it in the conditions and actions within the workflow. Different types of data can be stored in a workflow variable. A workflow variable can also be used to get data from users on workflow start.


Some examples of when workflow variables are useful:

  • The workflow requires a value for conditional actions which is a combination of values that exist already in the system. For example, these values can be set using the Math operation or Build Dynamic String actions.
  • Workflows developed in a development environment for deployment to testing and then subsequently deployed to production environments. To avoid using hard coded values in the workflow that must be manually updated during deployment, workflow variables can be used to load values from other lists via Using lookups. e.g. a URL to be used in an email may be different for each environment, this can be sourced at runtime from a configuration list within each environment using the Set a variable action.
  • A workflow may require the creation of another list item that will need to be queried later using a lookup or deleted automatically depending on further logic in a workflow. E.g. a new report requires that a meeting is organised, but during the workflow an administrator has rejected the report. Therefore the calendar event needs to be deleted.


It is not always appropriate or possible to store some of these values as meta data of the item attached to the workflow. To provide the means and flexibility to handle these kinds of scenarios Nintex Workflow provides workflow variables.

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