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Validation Rules and the People control - Nintex Forms

Want to check whether the People field is empty?

With the release of the newest version of Nintex Forms on 5th June 2014, you can do this easily using Validation Rules and Runtime Expressions.

  • Named People controls are now available to Runtime Expresions
  • Validation Rules use runtime expressions

So, in order to check whether a people picker control is empty you just use this logic as part of your validation rule.

NameOfPeopleControl == ""

To update to the latest version of Nintex Forms 2013 or Nintex Forms 2010, see Product Downloads

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Nintex Newbie

Re: Validation Rules and the People control - Nintex Forms

This works for SLT variables as well, thanks for the tip.  I was making this way harder then it needs to be.  Created validation rule and the formula is <nameofthevariable>=""