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Using functions inside functions in nintex forms.


I have a label on the form for which I am setting the value like this fn-If(fn-IsNullOrEmpty({ItemProperty:Requestor}),Current User, fn-If(fn-IsNullOrEmpty({ItemProperty:Requestor}),{ItemProperty:Requestor},{ItemProperty:Author})) but all I am seeing on the rendered form is  

If I change the function to be n-If(fn-IsNullOrEmpty({ItemProperty:Requestor}),Current User, fn-If(fn-IsNullOrEmpty(--Just leaving this empty),{ItemProperty:Requestor},{ItemProperty:Author}))  I see the correct data but not when I use the variable inside the fn-IsNullOrEmpty function.

Can someone please tell me what's going on.


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Re: Using functions inside functions in nintex forms.

Still could not find a answer as to why using the Item property inside the function is not working but I created a form variable and stored the logic over there and then used it inside the function and it worked.

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Re: Using functions inside functions in nintex forms.


I think your syntax is incorrect.

In the first "if" and then in the "else if", your test is the same. Does Requestor is null or empty?

If Requestor is null (or empty), it would use "Current User".

If Requestor is not null (or empty), you don't have to test it again a second time. Just use the value of Requestor. Author will never be used with this syntax. Here is what you should use.

fn-If(fn-IsNullOrEmpty({ItemProperty:Requestor}),Current User, {ItemProperty:Requestor})