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Using a nintex "multiple lines of text" field to gather rich text or html formatted text?



I'm new here and I've spent about an hour searching but didn't find the solution I needed, so here goes the dumb question of the day..


In bullet form so I don't go all long-winded;


- I have a SharePoint 2013 environment.  We're using Nintex 2013 with Infopath forms.

- I have a custom list written for a Trouble Ticket System.  It has a field called "Resolution" which is a Enhanced rich text (Rich text with pictures, tables, and hyperlinks) field.

- I have a Nintex Workflow which sets up a variable called "varResolution" which is a "multiple lines of text" field.

- After entering the text, the workflow sets the list field Resolution to equal varResolution.


It's supposed to (I thought) be formatted to include paragraph breaks.  Unfortunately, all I'm getting is one long, run-on paragraph with zero line breaks and zero formatting.  My customers are complaining that they can't really read my responses because they're unformatted run-on text.


Is there a way that I can fix it so that the text formatting from a "multiple lines of text" field in Infopath is kept and stored properly?



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Nintex Newbie

Re: Using a nintex "multiple lines of text" field to gather rich text or html formatted te

how do you populate varResolution variable within the workflow?

can you post some sample content?



you may try approach it reverse way - populate Resolution list field manually with some content you'd like to get in there.

then set up a small workflow that sends you field content by mail, make sure you configure mail action to send a plaintext content.

investigate the content, and customize it acc. your needs to be written to the field from workflow.

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