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Nintex Newbie

Update item without minor version update

Is there a way to update an item without updating the minor version?

Document Library, major and minor version enabled

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Automation Master
Automation Master

Re: Update item without minor version update

Hi Ricardo,

to update an SharePoint item without creating a new version you normally use the SystemUpdate()-method of the SharePoint-API. Unfortunately this is not available in Nintex. Not even the SharePoint-Webservices offer methods for processing a systemupdate. Therefore I only see two options at the moment:

1. Create your own web service to make use of the SystemUpdate()-method and call it from within your workflow.

2. Use the Lists.asmx web service to first deactivate versioning on the list, process your updates and re-activate versioning. Your major and minor versions will not be deleted by deactivating/reactivating versioning.

Lists.UpdateList Method (websvcLists)