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Unable to pick items with external item picker


I have external lists and I want to use Nintex Forms on them.


I created an external content type 'scale types' what is bound to an SQL table. I created all operations by default settings.

When I create the external list the list shows me all the items of my SQL table. I'm able to read, update and delete items.


I created the second list 'measurement devices' that has an association to the first table of scale types. Again I created all default operations. I'm able to create items in the second list and while creating an item I'm able to pick a scale type:


When I click the picker icon, the picker dialog opens:



PERFECT! So far...


Now I want to create a Nintex Forms form for list 2. When I create the form I set up the external item picker control to use my first external content type for scale types and publish the form.

The form renders with no error but the picker icon is greyed out:



I don't understand why it's greyed out. I have two other external lists (measure types and media) that I configured the same way and they work fine.

I re-created all the lists, all the associations and double checked whether everything is configured the same way.


I have no clue how to bringt the picker to work without disabling the forms.


Does anyone have any thoughts on this?


Kind regards,


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