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Unable to login to mobile app

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I have the latest version of the mobile app installed on an iPad and I am accessing our network over a secure VPN and 4G. We are on SharePoint 2010. Until late last week this has never been an issue and so I'm wondering if what is now occurring for me is something you have heard of.



Normally when I open the app, the user name, network path and domain are already entered. Currently when I open the app it is blank as per the screenshot below. So I do the following:



1. Enter the username, password, network path (it is a http path, not https) and the domain.

2. Click SIGN IN

3. The form flicks into the app to the task page and then immediately flicks back out to the login page with all the login details I entered gone again. No information, such as error messages, are provided as to why it is doing this.


Do you know why this may be occurring?


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Re: Unable to login to mobile app

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Hello Joanne Morris,


I remember  we were able to resolve this issue via a Case that was opened and sent to us here @support.  Eric Harris has addressed your question also in the Video below: Specifically 31:37-35:43



I will post our response from Support for others Nintex Mobile App customers who may experience this issue also.



Click on Settings > Delete Local Storage
Sign out of the Nintex App
Double click on the home button - on the iPad and close the app this way
Re Open the Nintex Mobile App and Login


Lastly, as confirmed in the Support Case, our Development Team are investigation 'Why' this is happening. Once we get a response some one from Support will be in touch with you via email.


Kind Regards,

Sophie Timu

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