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URLEncode collections?

I recently took over a Nintex form from a collegue.

He stores all attached files in a collection. (is this the way to go?)

But when I try to echo those items in an email, they are broken when there's a [space] somewhere in the url.

Is there any way of doing a actual URLEncode on each item?

The way I tried to solve it was to use fn-Replace([collection-name], " ","%20").
That kind of worked, but since I replace _all_ spaces it get's messed up when there are mutliple attchments.

Then I tried to use a "nested replace" like:

fn-Replace(fn-Replace(collection," ","%20"),";","<br />")

(Each item in the collection is terminated with a ";")

But it don't seem to be possible to nest fn-Replace?

How can this be done, and what's the _correct_ way of doing it?

Using an external service to return a urlencoded string is not an option.

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