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Nintex Newbie

Trimming text in the body of an email opened from an original email

OK so I think my issue is one I have not seen on here yet. Basically I have Nintex pulling a list of software from jquery form. I scrub all of the noise, line break and add brackets so basically you get a neat vertical list of software with checkboxes to be printed out. I next take that software place it into another list (the column is plain text) and have another workflow send an email to the user. In the body of that email the software list is again nice and vertical (minus the brackets I scrub those out) and in the body of that email I have a hyperlink that opens to another email with To field, Subject and, Body prepopulated. The first two are fine the body has my nice list of software and is jumbled with <BR /> breaks throughout. The variable I'm using is what looks very nice and linear in my first email. Why are the breaks happening in the second and is there a way to scrub that noise? Below is the text I use in my "new email" hyperlink:
As always thanks so much for your help.

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