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Nintex Newbie

Triggering actions by date, seven days and one day apart

I have a Site Workflow which sends an alert when seven days has elapsed which works like a dream. 

I have a Calculate date action, a Query field  and then a Loop with Site Collections (as pictured below). The Calculate date action has the days field set to '7' when the date hits seven days before the list field 'Start Date' an email is sent. Great!

What I want to do is to assign a task when it's one day away from the 'Start Date'. So is there a simple way of doing this using what I've already built or do I need to build another line with a Calculate date action and loop?

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Automation Master
Automation Master

Re: Triggering actions by date, seven days and one day apart

you would need to query again given that your returned data will be entirely different from those 7 days in advance.  to keep this clean I would create an entirely separate site workflow and schedule that to keep the distinction between the one working 7 days in advance and the one working 1 day in advance.  it may save time to export and import the workflow for your new one so that your variables etc are already in place and then just change the number of days and the actions inside your loop.

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