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The routing of Request Data

Hello, I'm sure this is pretty simple but I guess i'm not looking into the right Actions so hopefully one of you smart people can help me out.

I'm looking into doing a simple workflow that follows an approval process but requires user interaction and request for data.

Essentially this is how it should work

- User uploads document into sharepoint

- Approvors get notified that a new document is awaiting their approval

- The Approvers either approve or reject the document

-  If the document is approved its marked as a record and archived (this is easy)

- If the document is rejected it moves to a "Question and Answer" process until all questions are answered, and then moved back into the approval process until approved.

I looked into doing a "Request for data" action. If the document is rejected it allows the Approver to ask questions.  Once they ask the question and submit I would like that question to be sent back to the originator.  However, once that task is completed I see no option to route that "Request for data" back to the originator.  Is this possible?



HR - sends documents out for approval
Approvers - Approve document or reject

                  if approved (mark as record / archive)

                  if rejected (allow approvers to ask questions)

                  Once the approvers ask the questions those questions are routed back to HR to answer

                  Once HR answers the question its routed back to the Approvals

                  if the Approvers are satisfied with the answers mark the document for approval and archieve

                  if the Approvers rejects the answers it loops back through that same process again.

If this even possible?

Hopefully this makes sense, i'm not quite sure if using the "Request data" is the correct Action or not for this.

Would I need to make a custom form?

Thanks for any help on this.



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