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Nintex Newbie

The ballad of a Workflow gone missing...

There once was a workflow,

It lived in SharePoint 2019,

It functioned fruitfully from day to day,

Until it up and disappeared!

So, silly at best, sorry, not :)

I've read through the community for a solution to recovering a deleted workflow. No bueno. I get that. If it can't be done using the web interface, can it be done by searching through a database backup?

Where is it stored?

How is it stored?

I've been in IT for a very long time and refuse, yes, refuse to believe it can not be retrieved.

It's XML, right?

It's stored in the database, right?

Is it sotred as an XML object? or is it sored as text?

Why do you ask Bill? We are working through our DRP processes and part of that, a small part, is to be able to restore all things SharePoint as close the the end user's keyboard as possible and we're absolutley flabergasted to NOT find a deleted workflow in the Recycle bin.


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Nintex Employee
Nintex Employee

Re: The ballad of a Workflow gone missing...


From the list where the workflow was if you navigate to workflow settings and then "Remove, Block, or Restore a Workflow" are you able to restore the workflow from there?
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