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Task should be only processed by one person

Maybe I'm missing a simple option to do this but right now I did not find any way to solve my problem.

I would like to assign a task via the flexi task action to a group of people. Whoever comes first should "lock" the task for all others so that the do not start to do the same in parallel.

Is there any way to do this.


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Automation Master
Automation Master

Re: Task should be only processed by one person

I know if I create a task using SPDesigner and assign to a group, and DO NOT set the option to assign a task to each individual, Then when a user goes to the task there is a link there to "Take Ownership" of the task. What this does is reassign the task to this one person.

I can't recall if this is also the case with Flexi Tasks, but if you setup the task this way, and go to the approval form, do you see this link above the description? Sorry that I am unable to verify myself at the moment

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