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Nintex Newbie

Task Completed but Internal outcome is still pending

I have couple of workflows in two different environments where:

One contains few "Request data" tasks  (On SP 2010)

and the other has all sorts of Flexi-tasks (On SP 2013). 

Very intermittently that I notice some Tasks have actually been completed and submitted by the user and the task status is showing as "Complete" but the internal Outcome is still showing as "Pending". 

The workflows don't error but still waiting on that internal status to go through in order to move on to the next stage. No matter what the users do, they in-fact come back in and try to hot that submit button again although the task is already showing as completed. 

I checked the submit button on the task form and it is doing  a "Save and submit". And again, it only happens occasionally. Is there something I can do to push that internal status to "Approve" or completed?? 

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