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Nintex Employee
Nintex Employee

Talk to text Nintex Forms and Mobile

Was asked yesterday by a partner if Nintex Forms supports talk to text on mobile. They are working with an engineering client who find the keyboard on smaller form factors a bit of a fiddle as sometimes wearing protective gloves so typing should be kept to a minimum. Hadn't seen it done so thought I'd have a go.

Even with the Scottish accent, it works rather nicely.

Started with a simple form published Anonymously using Nintex Live.

Screenshot_2016-04-01-09-08-32 (002).png

Just using the native talk to text functions on the phone I ran a test into the Single Line of Text field.

Screenshot_2016-04-01-09-08-47 (002).png

And just to test on Nintex Mobile -

Screenshot_2016-04-01-09-09-35 (002).png

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