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Workflow Hero

Start a Workflow Task

I am needing to insert the action Start a Workflow. However, I am confused by what information I am to enter in the Username and Password fields. Is the Username something I get from the SharePoint administrator or is it my work login? Is the password one I make up or is it the one associated with my work login username? If I use my work credentials, what happens when I am instructed to change my password? I am using Nintex O365.

Thanks for your guidance.

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Workflow Hero

Re: Start a Workflow Task

Hello Marnita,

you need to provide a credential with permission to start the workflow. Basically this will be the initiator of the workflow.

It could be your credentials / your work login for testing purposes, but it's better to use some service account provided by your administrator as the workflow will crash once you change your password.

Best regards


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