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Nintex Newbie

Start Date v. Current Date

I have a workflow in SP2010 that starts immediately when a list item is created.

There is a "Log in History list" action that logs the following:

Current Date: {Common:CurrentDate}
Current Time: {Common:CurrentTime}
Start Date: {Common:StartDate}
Start Time: {Common:StartTime}

Today is 11/15/2016 at around 9:30 AM Pacific. When I run the workflow I get:

Current Date: 11/15/2016
Current Time: 9:37 AM
Start Date: 11/14/2016

Start Time: 9:37 AM

I've tried changing my SharePoint regional settings from "Always Follow Server" (server is on the east coast, GMT-5) to various time zones: Eastern, GMT, GMT-1 and Pacific GMT-8. Only when I have my regional settings to GMT does the workflow "Start Date" show up as today's date, 11/15/2015. In all other cases it shows up as yesterday.

Why is the "Start Date" different than the "Current Date" and almost always yesterday?

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