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Slow down Save and Continue

Hi everyone,

I LOVE the new save and continue functionality, but how do I slow it down. I'm using the button to run a workflow that sets a looks up field value and populates the remaining user data to show the remaining portion of the form that pertains to them. But, it's so fast that the workflow doesn't finish in time. I have to do a refresh to make the changes show up. how do I add a pause and a refresh to the save and continue button?


look up member LAG == Save & Continue

after save and continue is pushed

After I do a refresh on the page.

Please help



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Workflow Hero

Re: Slow down Save and Continue

converted to question.

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Workflow Hero

Re: Slow down Save and Continue

i would say the 'save and continue' is not designed for functionality like this. there is no way how you could wait for or synchronize with a workflow.

if you needed control over when workflow ends you would need to start it on your own.

consider as well user experience when they will need to wait for a workflow to populate some form fields. even with very simple workflow it could be minutes.

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