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Nintex Newbie

Setting up Nintex Sign

I have a list with a work flow with a Document Geneneration action. Once the document is generated I send it to a document library with a name of [ID]-[Created By]-[Date] as a PDF. In the document library I have a workflow set up using Nintex Sign, to send the document out for signature. I'm having trouble getting Nintex Sign workflow to work.


The probem is with the set up of the Document section of the workflow action. It is asking me for the SharePoint URL or the Adobe Sign template. I want to use the SharePoint URL but it is looking for the URL of the document that is to be sent for signature. I don't know what to put in the area for the URL since the document name changes with each document generated (different document ID, created by name and date. I know the URL needs to end in .pdf but now matter what I try it doesn't work.


Any help is appreciated.Nintex Sign SharePoint Document Location URL.PNG

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Nintex Employee
Nintex Employee

Re: Setting up Nintex Sign

You should be able to use variables to make it dynamic, you will ever need to query the file name or store it as part of the workflow and then potentially use a build string to make sure you get the correct format for the URL.

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