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Send one notification with several list items

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Dear Community,

I created a document libary with a Nintex Workflow 2013, which sends an e-mail notification to a defined group of people, when a document is uploaded. It´s kind of a Newsportal with important documents which get uploaded (not modified) continously.

To get to my problem, the users are asking for a workflow which summarizes the uploads from 1 week. The weekly e-mail should contain the hyperlinks of the documents uploaded between today and today - 7 days.

My first thought was to build up a structure like this:

Create on Siteworkflow which runs weekly. Query the libary for items created in the last seven days, collect their id and names. Transfere them somehow to a multiple field and integrate it in the send e-mail notification action.

To sum it up, i have two questions:

1) How is it possible to create a date with "today-7days" (calculate date action just calculates dates in the future not in the past)?

2) How can i transfere the single hyperlinks into a multiple text field?

thx for your help

best regards Viktor

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Automation Master
Automation Master

Re: Send one notification with several list items

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In the calculate date action just put -7 for days. That will do the subtraction.

If you need pure html, you could take the collection of URLPaths of the documents you got in the first query, loop through them and build a string using the current value to add more HTML. Or put the collection variable in the message body itself. You shouldn't transfer them to a list field.

Another way to do this you can create a list alert on behalf of those users on the library(if you are an admin). Set the options to Summary - Once a Week.

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